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Sorry all…I’ve been trying to juggle making this guide with exercising, drinking, and working on my animation. 🙂  I wanted to have 1-20 finished for the beta this weekend but no such luck. Hope this at least helps you out a little when quickly trying out other classes.


My next guide is in it’s beginning stages! Hopefully it will be done in time for everyone to quickly try out some new classes in the next beta. Also, since my time is limited and I’m not able to do any Elyos guides before release, there is a nice 1-10 and 10-20 guide available that I linked at the bottom of my page here.

Hope you enjoy it! Check back regularly in the next week to see updates for the new guide. I’d also like to hear from you guys which guide you would like to see next. Please vote!

Okay so I have my internet working again, yay!!! I currently have notes and screenshots for all the way to level 10. I will have the guide updated by tomorrow night, 8/6/09!

Hi all. I’m afraid to say that my wireless card has killed my computer. I don’t know how long it will take to get it fixed, but until I do I won’t be able to update my guide as I can’t play the game without it.

Welcome to my guide homepage. This is constantly a work in progress. Please check back frequently for guide updates! Use the links on the right to navigate. Click the title at the top to return to the homepage at any time.